it truly is magical

I was digging deep in to the crawl space, heaving all the items that were standing in my way of our Christmas decor, anxious to refresh my memory on what had been stowed away for the last year. To my surprise there were items I had completely forgotten about and then it dawned on me that we were in California last Christmas and I was sparse on the decorating. In my surprise and delight, I started feeling inspired by these items that felt new again. Puttering about the house, holiday music on and candles ( always ) burning, I had that warm sensation of comfort, happiness and an insatiable desire to make this spirit last as long as possible. 

Life has been exceptionally fast recently. I am aware of the cues that have been forcing me to slow down and then as if out of nowhere, this magical season arrives and it's like a breath of fresh air. A self proclaimed creature of comfort, I feel like Christmas is this gift of happiness that fills your home with hope and a tremendous amount of love. 

The girls are of course smitten by this time of year. J took the time to make a gingerbread house with them last night- it's so beautiful, they did a lovely job. We made seed eucalyptus wreaths for our Le Collectif workshop this weekend. No stress, just a couple of hours of creating, embracing all the beauty that this season has to offer.  

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