what if the path was all together different?


I often catch myself in the juxtaposition conundrum as it relates to the things I chase on a daily basis. A girl passionate about many things and a pretty hefty capacity to take a lot on, I find myself needing to get grounded in an effort to maintain focus on few areas. 

It's easy to imagine fairytale-esque living when we are bombarded by beautiful images through social media that give the perception that stress free, aesthetically rich living comes effortlessly. We all know this isn't the case because the term hard work pays off didn't fall from the sky, it's a thing, a real thing and that grit is necessary to see success. 

All of this to say, in my moments of grittiness and well pure chaos, I seek comfort in the idea of a path slightly less strewn with rocks and rather smooth and easily walkable. The feelings rarely last long but when I have these moments, I imagine a farm house, a large kitchen, a lot of cooking, very little time online perusing 'sites' but much time writing. I imagine entertaining by the plenty, being at all of the girls school functions, volunteering, writing, baking and you guessed it, writing some more. I love capturing life moments. Photography has been a big evolution for me that still feels like I am only scratching the surface. I want to learn more here. I imagine every opportunity to hear the tick tock of a large clock, the pitter patter of my girls feet on a wide planked floor and typing of the keys while I write about the simple pleasures, the creative endeavours, the moments that make living feel rich. It may sound idealistic I know but the truth is, I experience much of this every day, there may just be a little orchestra of other things muffling the beauty in it all that at times has me guessing, what if that path was a little different? 

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