the most wonderful time of year in the city

I grew up a little west of the city and I remember my neighbour who was ironically my professor in university, telling me all about her life in Toronto before moving west. I asked so many questions about what it was like to raise her little boy there like was it so chaotic? did you worry more about something happening to him because of the city being so big? what were the schools like? It all seems so silly now, which was slightly how she responded to my questions.. it's a beautiful, culturally rich and a dynamic place to raise your children, she said. She was right! I finished university and almost the day after my last exam, I packed my bags and headed for Toronto, never once looking back. 

I love the city, for all its construction, poorly designed highway system and horrendous traffic, I do love it, even more so at this time of year. There is no shortage of incredible spots to trot about the city and get yourself in the holiday spirit. Kids certainly make the holidays magical. We watched the girls have starry eyes all weekend while we checked out a few of our favourite spots. 

Ontario Travel asked me to share a little bit of our experience with you in hopes that you too can enjoy a few of our favourite spots during the holiday season.

Our first stop was at Love the Design, owned by my dear from Christine, it is a tradition of ours to pop in her store and grab a few holiday goodies. This year we added two cute items to our christmas tree from her felt ornament collection. More importantly, we captured our holiday card photo in her Pop Up Photo vignette that looks like a scene out of Aspen. So beautiful, timeless and the perfect backdrop for two sweet smiles!

Evergreen Brickworks has the Winter Village that is full of activities for the family including stories by the fire, container markets for shopping and eating, ball hockey, children's garden, make your own herbal tea and yes, on your way out you can grab your christmas tree! We came home smelling smoky from the fire, warm in our hearts and full bellies. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

Amongst our busy day, we could not be remised from our indulgence at Boxcar Social for hot chocolate and chai lattes and don't get me started on their berry muffins....TO DIE FOR!

Happy Holidays everyone! Be sure to share your favourite spots because we are going to max out the season with as much fun as possible around the city.