bits + pieces

Hi friends! Happy Friday. It has been a really busy, really exhausting week. The cold has really gotten to me and I am feeling exponentially ready for a vacation. Jay and I are making plans for april and I am not sure I can actually wait that long! I did manage to muster a fair bit of strength around home and particularly in Sloanes room. We are removing all of the bright pink that is in their right now and freshening everything in tones of white and soft linens. I am purchasing this beautiful rug in the first photo from serena and lily  and will have more to share early next week. 

This long weekend could not have come at a better time. February, for a month of love, you sure do know how to challenge us. For all you love birds who revel in a little Valentine romance, enjoy! You can find J and I snuggled up with a glass of wine and take out. The red rose thing is not for me :)