a sweet escape in brooklyn

I am forever seeking advice on great little spots to stay when we travel. I am particularly in love with the home away from home concept. Now that we have two girls, hotel rooms don't entirely work well. We always feel crammed in to a small space and it is especially hard for naps and early evening bed times for the babe. If you can picture all of us going to bed at 730 just so that the room is dark and quiet for the baby, well yes! we have done that...but it's not fun. Apartment or villa rentals and or exchanges are perfectly spacious for a little family with separated rooms and all those amenities that you leave back home but wish you had with you. I also appreciate the option of a kitchen in our travels. The girls love to snack often and on evenings when you have had enough eating out, comfort cooking is where it is at. Pop open a bottle of wine and make some fresh pasta and enjoy  the luxury of doing so in a relaxed, vacation state of mind.

I have been inspired by the Behomm Community of travel exchanges. Each one is featured with the creative enthusiast in mind. You can certainly tell by their perfectly selected options that they are staying true to what they know their audience is looking for in travel destinations. This little Brooklyn gem particularly caught my eye when it landed in my inbox today. The home of a New York fashion designer, its curation is simple and sweet and oh so comfortable. Have a look at all of the amazing options here.