is slow living a trend or shift in lifestyle?

I cannot confidently state when the slow living lifestyle became a more widespread phenomenon but I have to believe its fairly recent. Either that, or the aesthetic that accompanies such living, has become a strong trend in the design space. The result being a great deal of attention placed on this less fussed, organic way of life. 

The photos that I see on Instagram garnering the most attention are those that exude a very natural pallet. Colour is seemingly only coming from plants and earthy textures. Homes have very little 'things' in them (just the most important ones) and the rat race city life is beginning to feel like a thing of the past. 

When it comes to food, brown eggs have now replaced white. Home cooked meals, preserves and fresh bread are the only way to showcase your culinary skills. Parents are relinquishing their ladder climbing careers for a more balanced home life and travel acts as the perfect cultural education for children.

Im not suggesting that people haven't been living this way forever but I am suggesting that there has been a shift from those who were more inclined to see success as a measure of how much you had, how elaborate your home was, how stylish your car and clothing was to a more humble, in the moment way of life and I must say- i kind of really like it.

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