Signs of spring + making it happen

I have been the absolute worst blogger on the planet. My posts have been spotty and brief at best, and none of this makes me feel good.

Things have been really hectic lately and I have been struggling to find the balance in it all. Life for everyone is busy- this I KNOW, Nothing about my world is any more unique than another but I do recognize that things need to take a back burner at times and right now I have allowed too many of the things I love most, be the ones that suffer. 

The dreary and rather depressing days of February are behind us and for the first time in what feels like weeks, I woke up this morning knowing that this little glimmer of sunshine coming through our bedroom window, meant that it was going to be a good day. I was going to manage my workload in a way that felt a little less chaotic and maybe linger a little longer in my coffee time. 

Hunter fell yesterday after getting out of the bath tub and bolting away from me before I could dry her off which meant that she slipped on the hardwood floor and landed on her head. I was sick all night worried about her, even though she showed all signs of being fine, I was a complete wreck. I will admit to being a nervous mom at the best of times but lately I have been wound ever so tightly that this was the icing on the cake to make me almost want to completely break down. Jay is so good in times like these, he reasons with my thinking and finds ways to settle me back to reality- it helped, a lot. 

I have also fallen off the clean eating wagon and know that I need more healthy meals to get me through my busy days. I had a yummy egg salad for lunch- it is my go to. I also purchased this gorgeous woven market bag from my most recent favourite shop MUR. This little bag is going to inspire walks to fresh food stands and flower shops. I highly reccomend checking out more goodies from MUR. I will be using them for many styling projects in the future.  I plan to do more designing around home and a little spring cleaning this weekend and of course an outing with the kids that makes everyone feel like they did something special. Most of all, I look forward to getting back to blogging and enjoying more of the things that make my little heart flutter.