a trip down memory lane

It was a super busy, super early Monday of work and I didn't stop much to come up for air but after the kids settled in to their beds, I found myself casually perusing online when my eyes met this sweet little apartment. It's style- simple, organic, no fuss and just plain sweet. It instantly reminded me of our first home.

When I think back on that little space of ours, I remember feeling like I was completely over it. It needed a lot of updates and it was exceptionally old but I must say that its age was also what gave it that oh so darling character. Knotty oak floors, high baseboards, arched entryways and a squeaky front screen door. We had our first child here and experience so much living in this little home. 

Eventually, we renovated the kitchen to include pretty white cabinets, a marble counter and dark slate floors. You could barely swing a cat in the space but it was charming and I loved it even more than my more than spacious current kitchen. 

The images of this apartment were such a sweet little memory inducing moment. I am so grateful to have had that first home, to navigate life as a married couple and first time parents. It really was all we needed.