Bits + pieces

Good Monday morning friends! I hope you had a perfect little weekend and that the first day of spring treated everyone well. I took an extra long weekend to spend some time with the kids. Being March Break and all, I wasn't sure if the city was going to be crazy busy or a ghost town with everyone away. To my delight, it was quiet and made navigating the city exceptionally easy. We shopped for some spring attire to accompany our upcoming beach vacation. We indulged in yummy pastries and rich lattes and of course we never miss an opportunity for arts and crafts.

I on the other hand equally indulged in a few spring time goodies. Old Faithful Shop just opened in Toronto and its a dream. As a Stylist I could have bought the entire store, chalked full of beautiful curated products from wool blankets, to bags, luxury chocolates and some of the best coffee connoisseur accessories I have ever seen. It is a must visit. 

La Merceria equally never disappoints. I always leave with a little something in the way of a tea towel, candle or perfect little gift. I am also a sucker for their ham and cheese pasqualina. It is a dense flaky delight.

On Sunday we took things pretty easy since the babe hadn't been feeling well and we are back at it for a busy week ahead. Officially counting down the days until our holiday is upon us.

Have a great week everyone!