Adorned in white

This design world can seem very pretty and of course at times a tad materialistic but I rarely find myself having to snap back in to reality. I think it is because my expectations of design have always been so simple that often it is only the most important things that I need or want the most.  There is no question that the spaces I have designed that lend themselves to a more modern aesthetic, tend to come in more affordable than those with a more traditional approach.

This is by no means a blanket statement. There is always a situation where modern can be exclusively high end and the price tag reflects it. What I have always said to my clients is that investing in fewer pieces, fewer accessories with longevity, will result in a more balanced budget.

My best advice has and will always be, that there are items in your home like countertops, bathrooms and flooring that require an elevated budget but everything else can be done with very little 'breaking the bank' moments. 

This small apartment adorned in white is the perfect example of a high style space with minimal exclusive furnishings. These home owners made smart decisions, a cohesive look (which always is perceived to be higher end) and the right finishings to compliment a rather simple aesthetic. The feeling we are all left with is a clean, aspirational space with zero level of pretentious intentions. 

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