when simple serves a purpose

I recently had lunch with a new friend and we got talking about business, passion, money and just life in general. All categories seemed to be interlinked. In some ways I felt like I was helping guide strategic thought in to how to approach life and business and in others, I felt like I could be asking myself the same questions. As we carried on in our dialogue, a comment came up about my Instagram, my home, a lot of white and an overall perception of calm. What many people may not know is that I suffer from a constant desire to be everything to everyone and a perfectionist sometimes to the max. It hinders me in ways that I often feel very anxious. My home all in white, simple and clutter free is my way of creating an environment that subsides those feelings of angst from time to time. Social media makes things all the more challenging. Everyone is talking about the perception vs reality that this digital world can sometimes create a rather blurry line between the two. It reminded me in our discussion to stay true to the objective that you set out in the beginning. Don't allow yourself to be influenced in a way that doesn't serve an authentic purpose to you or your brand. Social Media will forever be showing you the latest and greatest flashy "it" thing- it doesn't mean you have to be on board with it, or even worse, feel like you are failing because you aren't doing the same thing. Trust me when I say that I equally must practice what I preach. It's hard, boy do I know, but I can promise that avoiding looking at the sidelines and staying focused on what you believe is your best thing will only make magic happen.