spring, where are you?

If Mother Nature and I had the opportunity for a one on one, Im quite certain she would hate my guts! At this point, she and I have nothing in common and clearly are desiring completely different outcomes in our weather. While I am certain that we are deserving of mild temps and bright shining sun, she is delivering grey skies and frigid air. In an attempt to walk away from said conflict, I have been puttering about the house, bringing my own signs of spring to life. Heaps of flowers, paint touch ups and new drapery in the girls rooms, is giving a pleasant feeling of renewal. Can I also mention that window cleaning is a game changer. All that yucky winter glued to our windows was washed away and it's some kind of wonderful. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel coming with some warmer temperatures on the horizon. I have never been so excited at the thoughts of gardening. Feels like we are waiting for the Queen to arrive!

Happy Tuesday.