peace out

Hooray for Friday and double digit temperatures. Finally, as my feet took that step out the door this morning, I felt that warm dewy air that we have been craving. Its a little damp but I will take it. The weekend has sunshine and warmth written all over it and for that, I cannot wait to get it started. We have lots of activity on the go including more family time with another brunch and a fun event for just J and I on Saturday. 

I mentioned on Instagram yesterday that I chopped 4 inches of my hair off. It feels pretty awesome. After I got over the shock, I realized just how liberating it actually feels. Ironically, most people haven't even noticed which is likely because I have been wearing my hair up for so long that people have forgotten what it actually looks like when it is down.

I am planning a kick start with a juice cleanse next week and officially getting back on track with my running. The excuse bank is completely dry so no more of that. After what felt like a slump and far too many sweets, I can see myself getting back to my old self. This means, the hot cross buns pictured here will be a thing of the past- although lovely while they lasted, I am happy to see most of these sugar rich baked goods depart temporarily. This does not mean there will be a lack of baking, I'm just farming it all out to others to enjoy. I know how kind of me right?..wink wink.

I left the house in a bit of disarray this morning. My poor nanny is likely not thrilled but I am so grateful for her help and in those chaotic moments of our mornings, I see how she jumps in to help and she instantly makes things far more manageable that what I can. I appreciate her more than she could possibly know.

Have a fabulous weekend friends! Make it count.