bits + pieces

I sat down with a hot latte and peeked out the window to see everyone out and about walking their little munchkins or heading off to work all white enjoying this beautiful sunshine. I am smitten with all of it. The idea of feeling free to step out your front door with little to no jacket, sock-less feet and a bounce in your step. 

Things have been pretty busy around here with projects and collaborations and really great stuff happening in the creative space. I was completely honoured and humbled by a recent suggested user feature on Instagram. I never imagined that my work would be constituted of the calibre that would warrant this but I am feeling oh so grateful that it has. 

Danielle and I are fast and furious down the path on our upcoming work. It is a dream come true for both of us and I promise not to keep everyone hanging for too long.

Until then, have a spectacular day in the city with this sunshine.