on lessons in only looking ahead

The days have been longer, sunshine is lingering and its rather magical if you take the time to watch it slowly set on the day. It's amazing how being a mom can make you move at speeds that should only be found on hamster wheels all the while actually slowing down in moments that feels like time is standing still. I find the moments that I rest best are of course when the kids are in bed at night or their little afternoon naps. Sometimes its in the car when I find myself lost in thought staring out the window. The moments of still come and go quickly but they are important to me. In my previous post I talked about how I thrive in the excitement and thrill of 'new' but I actually create a lot of the 'new' out of my moments of reflection. Call it daydreaming if you will but its my  form of ideation or inspiration around me that creates that spark. 

While on this little journey of blogging, designing and creating, I have tried and failed many times. Many many times. Some may not deem it failure but rather life lessons or a journey to better. I prefer to just call it what it is and say, well it simply didn't work the way I planned it. It was the moments I felt I was failing the most that I noticed my eyes darting. Too much pressure on myself  to do it all well. I called a timeout! Spent more weekends trotting about the city, inspiring conversations with friends, lessons on life and its true meaning and no longer just contemplating all of it, I felt it. I felt a connection, a purpose and a burning desire to just let it all be. The result was good things happening, organically. The things that I did because I was good at them and enjoyed them started becoming the things that people wanted me to do for them. I equally got out of my comfort zone and worked on projects that I wouldn't have expected to do in the past. 

Reflecting on the past year of Modern Camper, I remember that day in March of 2014 that I made a conscious decision to make this brand something just for me. I wanted to define the 'whats next' with really great work, inspire others, get uncomfortable, lead with humility and most importantly, only-look-ahead.