riding the tides

Happy Monday! It has been a rather busy couple of weeks and I find myself in this interesting place. Most importantly, I need to say a very big thank you to everyone who supported the launch of Le Collectif. Danielle and I are really proud of the work that we have created and more importantly, cannot wait to share it with all of you at our first Toronto workshop in July.

I thrive in the excitement. I love taking on a project that challenges me, allows me to get out of my comfort zone and results in better work than I have done before. I feel really lucky that all of these things have been providing a lot of positive energy and heaps of gratitude lately.

I find myself having to manage my own expectations. If a week goes by where things are quiet or I don't see a project on the horizon, I get a little anxious. I find myself watching tv and reading and writing less which is not ideal.

Meeting with friends is always a good idea. I love chatting over coffee about the eb and flow that is life and the moments that inspire one another to think and do different things. The scale feels like it is tipping towards adventure and risk and I am feeling more compelled than ever to jump in feet first.

How do you ride the tides?