easter sur la table

Raise your hand in you feel like you indulged in an exorbitant amount of sweets and just food in general over the weekend? Count me in! We indulged to the extreme. I personally say it was all worth it based on the company I was with while consuming said sugar induced goodies. These moments are the memories that last a lifetime. Extra time away from work to be with family and friends does the body and mind good!

I equally love special occasions like Easter to selfishly get creative in the kitchen and with a little table décor. I always keep things simple but wanted to introduce a little colour with this pretty blue tone. I dipped our Easter eggs exclusively in the happy spring-esque tone and then water coloured name place settings to match. Raw, somewhat wrinkled linens gave the table an organic feel to it and the hydrangea stole the show. So beautiful and full, they have managed to last longer than usual. I think all the amazing tips I got on my Instagram helped a lot.

I have oversized white plates from Restoration Hardware that I adore. They don't even fit in my kitchen cabinets but instead find themselves a home on our counters that I actually really love.

The weekend was lovely, it was so great to get extra time as a family, be thankful for our endless blessings and share in the desire of renewal and awakenings as we enter spring.

I hope the weekend brought you all good things.