the upside to social media

With every new phenomenon, innovation or way of life there will always be nay-sayers. Lots of chatter lately about the push/pull of social media and some crucifying the notion that people are no longer living in the moment but rather too consumed with ‘the perfect Instagram shot’ or styling things that are seen as staged and lack authenticity. This perpetuates the negativity that surrounds peoples message that we are no longer embracing life as it happens but rather living it through our screens.

I on the other hand have chosen a polarizing approach. Social Media and Instagram has acted as a significant contributor to my life, happiness, a creative outlet and overall undeniable connection to human beings.

I feel more engaged in living and learning than I ever have because of all of it.

I feel like a better mom because I get to share in learnings and trials and tribulations with other like moms.

I feel like a better communicator because I am conscious of how and what I write and do so with purpose.

I certainly feel like a better designer and maker of great things because I am surrounded by beautiful visual stories that inspire my creativity.

Lastly, I have met people with whom I would have never had the chance encounter with and these have turned in to incredible life changing opportunities and beautiful friendships.

This, the perfect segway in to meeting Danielle of MUR. Danielle and I stumbled upon each other some time ago and immediately connected through Instagram. I of course fell in love with everything she had in her shop that she shares with her husband Joel and before you knew it, we were finding subtle little connections through styling, interiors, food, and mom life. I wanted today to share her beautiful work with all of you and provide it as an example of the sweet, subtle moments in life that can turn in to something rather enticing. Danielle and I are working on a very exciting project together that we cannot wait to share with all of you. Stay tuned for more very soon!