our mexico favourites

Well the sorrow of leaving the oh so dreamy spots of Mexico has slowly subsided as we settle back in to our regular routine at home. Travel is really important to us. J and I both remember travelling as kids but not nearly as much as we would have hoped. It was a mission of ours to ensure our girls get to experience as much of the world as possible. I am such a big believer that the best learning, culture and life experiences come from exposing your munchkins to the different ways people live, their traditions and in some cases, the opportunity to be exceptionally grateful for the amenities we have at home.

Our Mexico trip derived from a strong desire to have guaranteed warm weather, heaps of sunshine, water and ocean breezes. We struggled this winter- rather, I particularly struggled. It was too many long grey days, cooped up inside and frigid temperatures. My water sign had me craving sand in my toes and easy breezy wears. 

I will not pretend to tell you that travelling with kids is easy. Its just not. Its a hot mess really. The baby is still under two and she is at that ripe, I am going to push every button to tick my mama off stage. She means well ( I am sure) but sweet lord, she pushes the limits on the regular so flying four hrs with a feisty rascal on your hands, well the going gets tough. Essential oils like lavender ( gravol if you are so inclined) sedate the kids a little and prove to be pretty effective for at least an hr of shut eye. Come armed with heaps of snacks, play silly games and gear yourself up for moments when you are shuttering in embarrassment while your toddler arches her back and screams to high heaven. Most people get it, and if they don't - well so be it!

If you have older children, you have it made- IPad's, music, colouring books, food-they can carry on pretty well in anticipation of an exciting adventure when you land. 

Our trip had us stationed in the Mayan primarily with some day tripping in to Tulum. I thought I would share our favourite spots, some must see's, do's, eats. Check out our little list below and if you are planning a family vacay to Mexico in the near future, be sure to get in touch!



Fairmont Mayakoba

The resort is situated on an exclusive property alongside the Rosewood and Banyan Tree. All three are beautiful and highly recommended. We particularly liked Fairmont for its familiar amenities, endless options and kid friendly atmosphere.


Banyan Tree- Saffron



Day Trip

Mayan Ruins


Visit Coqui Coqui for a chic, boutique hotel experience. Stay over night ( adults or couples, less of a kiddo spot) or grab some delicious ceviche and a glass of pinot grigio. The beach here is incredible and its full of beautiful people.

Yoga retreats, healthy living and a hippie lifestyle married with classy boutique hotels is the scene of Tulum. It reminds me of what the beach version of New York would be. Hidden gems, great vibe, inspiring people and some amazing food. 

Grab a bite to eat at Casa Banana for a delicious outdoor dining experience.


The Spa at Hotel Esencia we didn't make it here and I am completely bummed so if you go, just know I will be ever so jealous :)

happy travels!