bits + pieces

Monday- well hey! You crept up like a sly fox and now I am just going to have to embrace your bold ways and make some magic happen. Said otherwise, get me all the coffee! Oh geez, that little mind of mine has been racing like a hamster wheel in my sleep and its not lending well on the REM. Theorists all say the sleepless are creative and ready to change the world so why the heck not embrace the bag filled eyes I suppose.

Truth is for all the tired talk, we had a lovely weekend. Mom came for a short visit to organize the final details for a baby shower we are hosting for a friend next weekend. We did so while sipping champagne and nibbling on some rather delicious cheeses and a lovely dinner.

Saturday was slow. It rained, we baked, took Miss S to dance. I managed to get a couple of hrs to myself in the evening while hubs took the girls to run some errands. I soaked in the tub, puttered around the house, diffused oils and wrote a little for the blog this week.

Sunday had me waking to an early morning yoga practice, walking in the rain with the girls and a long cozy nap.

I am so excited for June and it's sunshine glory. I hope it's first day of the month brings you something special.