bits + pieces

Well hello Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Ours was full of sun and fun outside, we tramped through the gardens making something beautiful of the complete mess that was left behind from old man winter.

We even managed to tackle a little bit of the disaster that seems to have unravelled in our garage.  I am genuinely shocked by the amount of things that seem to be lingering around the house lately. I am such a tidy heidi and loather of unnecessary things, I genuinely can't figure out how my world around me started to feel a little too messy. I will somewhat happily blame it on the fact that things have been moving at rather lightning speeds around here. Lots of great projects on the go means yes, little time to be exceptionally anal around the house but alas, weekends also need to be enjoyed.

We may have also hauled out the blender and concocted a couple of frozen cocktails this weekend, a la pina colada no less. High 20's on the temperature scale made us do it! We also enjoyed a couple of tasty BBQ meals and fresh salads, it was a really good weekend overall.

Danielle and I are steadily planning away for our first workshop and equally planning out summer in general. I am gobsmacked that we are already at May. How the heck did we get here? not to mention I am ill prepared for summer camps and really just entertainment in general for the girls. One step at a time I keep telling myself however most days like today I could use about three of me.  Clearly the blog has suffered, with my evenings being focused on work and the kiddos, writing just hasn't been at the epic centre of it all but lordy, we must change this asap!

On a separate note, I am always provoked by a few pins throughout my week. I take time to stop and visit Pinterest where I can. I always fall in to this lovely space of creative inspiration. So here are a few to share with you as well. Have a lovely start to the week friends!

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