where there is love + laughter

I am pretty confident only my closest friends would know this about me but I am genuinely enthralled by astrology and how amazingly accurate it can be for most people. I am by no means a hippie living with a crystal ball but I am definitely true to my water sign. I talk often about my desire to live a simple, streamlined life full of sunshine, grass meadows and bare feet. It sounds fluffy I know but its genuinely in my soul. I love the arts, have a penchant for laundry being hung on the lines outdoors and music always playing throughout our home.

I grew up with a lot of change in my life, my parents separated when I was young and my mom was just trying to make the best of a single mom gig. For all the bad that comes with situations like this, I feel super lucky to know that my parents loved me a lot and to this day have a very healthy friendship that allows us to celebrate special occasions all together.

All that said, I do have a very strong affinity for the home that feels like there is a lot of love, laughter and freedom to just 'be'. I revel in the luxury that is found in simplicity and comfort. I have done a fair bit of travel in Europe but must say that my favourite stop was Italy. Rich in family tradition, the pursuit of foods and homes with breezy doorways that are always welcoming guests. 

There is often a beautiful mess about all of it that is so appealing. Often it comes in the way of a large harvest table full of garden vegetables, pasta and flour being spiralled through the maker and naturally a glass of wine and espresso is always within reach. 

I love the intentions people are placing on their homes, the importance of living through the eyes of family and friends and really owning valuable pieces that make their homes beautiful yes, but more importantly tell a story. This is precisely why we have streamlined so much around our own home and dedicate our efforts towards quality, not quantity and allowing the 'messes' to be the things we want to see and hear like love, laughter and great food.