bits + pieces

Holy hannah you guys, its been too long since I wrote here. Its an odd feeling sometimes, this space is dedicated to my creative side, my writing and of course sharing special moments in our lives. There has been much good lately but my writing just hasn't come as naturally as it normally would. I don't force these moments. I take pauses sometimes on the blog to focus on my family, to inspire new creativity and focus on the things that matter most at any given time. 

Today marks my 33rd birthday. I have forgotten about my birthday all week. It's not denial, it just my mind consumed with many other things and celebrating my birthday just wasn't one of them. Alas, my darling little girl woke me up this morning with the sweetest of birthday messages. We spent the evening eating take out, chocolate cake and champagne. We watched a movie and laughed at the baby acting like a silly rascal. Her giggle is the very best and sends laughter throughout our entire home. 

We had a busy weekend of entertaining, a friends birthday and dance recital galore. My heart burst with pride watching Miss S dance her little heart out on stage. 13 years of my life was spent in the studio and seeing her on that stage brought tears to my eyes and flutters in my belly. Her commitment to this was infectious. We were all in it together to practice, practice, practice and it paid off. I am so excited for what is to come for my tiny dancer. Tonight she rested her sweet hands on my shoulder, told me she loved me and asked if celebrating my birthday again tomorrow would be ok. I naturally responded, yes! of course!  

The school year comes to an end this week and all I can think about is dipping our toes in the lake, walking on the sand and evening campfires roasting smores. I want our summer to be one of our best yet. In the mean time, I am going to enjoy these last few days of routine. I have been really focused on yoga and meditation and feeling great about it. More on this to come.

Have a lovely week everyone! and thank you for the thoughtful birthday messages. They mean an awful lot.