the bathroom may just be my favourite space

As designers, we all have our favourite rooms we like to style. It can change from time to time. I know most would say that kitchens are often a favourite based on the impact and how the bulk of conversation and entertaining revolves around cooking and dining but I have a real thing for bathrooms. Since a young girl, my mom would always end her day with a bubble bath. I recognized how this was her time to unwind and quickly started adopting the same tradition. I profoundly recall visiting my grandparents and smelling the sweet scent of lavender and Dove soap in their bathroom and it brought me such comfort. 

Today, I invest in luxurious bath products, towels and accessories that compliment the space in the simplest way possible but also feel really special. I believe so strongly that a bathroom should be a sanctuary, a pretty space that feels clean, welcoming and most certainly relaxing. 

These spaces have also evolved to be more exploratory with fun tiles, mixed metals and just the right amount of colour to tell a story. 

What is your favourite room to design?

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