peace out

Well, it is officially vacation mode for the munchkins. School wrapped yesterday and we are off to a pretty great start with warm weather, cool snacks and a clean house. I have been absolutely bonkers around home lately with the cleaning. Cob webs and scuff marks have reared their ugly heads and I am so done with all of it. The house feels like it is starting to show its age and it definitely needs a little TLC. I managed to overhaul the craft closet that was so desperate for new storage containers and of course a good purge. I say it all the time but it nauseates me to see the things we have cumulated over the years that have absolutely no use. Even more shocking is that I actually think I am on the minimalist end of things so I cannot even fathom how some can function with drawers and closets bursting at the seams. To each their own, my neurotic ways seem to suit us fairly well. 

I plan to hire someone to come in and give the house a fresh coat of paint. The ceilings in particular need a lot of love. In between this, I will continue to streamline things and naturally a good old garage sale will be in order. Best way to purge quickly is to practically give things away for free and you know a garage sale is exactly that.

Our weekend ahead has minimal plans which will lend itself well to some gardening and puttering around the house. I am most excited to share a cocktail on the deck with the hubs and snuggle with my babes.

Have a lovely first weekend of summer everyone, I hope it is hot hot hot.