to my girls

Growing up at a very young age, I remember this feeling that would hit every so often. It was profound. This desire to take on the world. As I got older, I had a million different ideas that ranged from being an entrepreneur to moving to New York and starting my own psychology practice ( this was my major in University) Although at the time I could not pin point precisely what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to work hard, I wanted to become something everyone would be proud of.

My dad has this incredible heart. Our water signs meet really well on the emotional side of things and I can always count on him to show me how proud he is of me, without even saying a lot (although he is pretty incredible with words) he is very authentic in his approach and I admire that in him.

As a mom now to two young girls, I want nothing more than to do two two very specific things for them. 1. Have them know that I am ALWAYS there for them. No ask will ever be too big or small. Their needs will always come ahead of mine. 2. I want them to see that I worked hard. I aspired to be someone they would look up to. Someone they would want to become one day.

My wish in return from the girls is that I see them following their strengths, their passions, the things that make them smile most. My appreciation for life, adventure and risk taking grows with every year I get older and I hope they have that same fire in their belly spirit to move mountains.