scenes from our weekend

Hi friends! Well it's Tuesday which means I am little tardy on this post but with a short week ahead, it means we are cram jamming to get everything done. The weekend was grey and wet and rather depressing to be frank. We are all so darn desperate for some summer and it simply hasn't arrived. On the plus side, we managed to sneak about town running errands and popping in to a few of our favourite spots. Kitten and the Bear for a delicious scone and a hot cup of coffee adorned our hands while popping in to a couple of vintage stores. I scoured a few Persian rug shops but haven't quite found the one I am looking for. I did however have a very exciting chat on an upcoming collaboration that is going to make my little girls room something really special. 

We rode our bikes to the park before the torrential rain came and likely pushed that swing one million times. The baby is completely obsessed and I just adore it. She yells 'wee' with every swing back and forth. 

Oysters and some tasty wine with a friend started the weekend off right and I love cocktails on the deck in the evening. It feels like at that time, we really have nothing to do or think about expect enjoy each others company. 

We ended our weekend with painting indoors. How fun to do these things with the girls. They love it just as much as I do and sharing in this passion together is something really special. You can check out a few pieces I put up online

Hope the week has been off to a lovely start for all of you and the holiday (although smack dab in the middle of the week) is a nice time to unwind with family and friends. Happy Canada Day!