i have grown a level of detest for gardening

There was a time when gardening was one of my favourite things to do. I mean spend heaps of money on beautiful plants, ground cover, pots, you name it and then suddenly over the years I have genuinely come to loathe it. I blame it on the big bad ass tree that we have in our yard that essentially over takes the entire space. It drops nothing but leaves, some prickly balls, weird flowers and lord knows what else. It creates this massive canopy of shade so the grass struggles to grow. The only thing it seems to be good for these days is a swing. Hostas and shaded plants seem to be the only thing that survive in our garden beds. With all the droppings from the tree, I cant keep that pristine look in the ground covering. Fast forward and I have given up on the whole entire space. So much so that I am ready to tear it apart or move- which I know comes as no surprise because I keep talking about this (forgive me) 

For now, until I can muster up a decision. I am looking at all other beautiful landscapes and hoping one day I can call it my own. This is no easy task and requires a lot of effort to maintain. You are good for it!