peace out

Good Friday morning! Its a rainy, dull day in the city and all I can think about is warm tea, cozy socks and a good movie. The week was such a busy one full of special events, heart thumping goodness on the creative side of things and an overwhelming feeling of growth.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that taking the time to learn from others, get out of your daily routine and explore your surroundings will create some tantalizing things to come to fruition. My creative ruts often come from my lack of getting uncomfortable or confinement in exploration.

I am consistently impressed with the number of people in the creative space that I continue to meet who genuinely want to see you succeed. Often entrepreneurs themselves know how hard work and helping hands make the world of difference and they are more inclined to reach out to support. I feel so very fortunate to have a few of those people in my life and hope that I can do the same for others.

I am planning a few projects in the next couple of weeks that will also get me a little more entrenched in the kitchen which is great. My cooking and baking has been rather limited recently so this has me excited.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.
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