solo time

How important is your alone time? Are you someone who craves a little quiet to yourself or do you thrive on being surrounded by someone or several people all the time?

I love being surrounded by friends and family, sharing in meals, laughing often and hearing the little pitter patter of the girls feet running through the house. However, I always get to a point where I need time to myself. I like a day to recharge. Independent by nature, I often snuck away as a child to read, colour or craft. As the years went on, I began to see how my mood would change when things started to get too chaotic or the routine of life became mundane. Change for me ironically doesn't come in the form of something new or something 'more' in my life, it often comes in the form of solo time. I explore the city, I go to the spa, I read blogs, I do yoga. I embrace the things that often ground me in simplicity, relaxation and most importantly, give me the opportunity to reflect with a clear mind. I like time away from my kids and my hubby. I like to just be Meg and have the chance to miss these beautiful people in my life- it makes coming home really special.

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