peace out

Hi'ya beauties. It's a glorious day out today. That sunshine is making for a little hop in my step and looking forward to the weekend ahead with my little crew. We have been full steam ahead on the girls rooms, made a bunch of progress but still feeling like there are a couple of significant things missing which can only mean I have a little bit of work ahead of me but fingers crossed next week will prove to be the last of the changes.

We also ordered hubs a super cool new Herman Miller chair for his office. His back essentially told him that the time was up on his old clunker and new and posture friendly was the way to go.

Danielle and I are SUPER excited and grateful for all of the amazing attendees we have on deck for Le Collectif. Anyone who is coming will love the atmosphere, the learning and the scrumptious  food.  

Jay is picking up pizza for dinner tonight and a bottle of red. We have ballet uniforms and some back to school items to snatch up and laced in the busy time of end of summer, hoping for a little R&R.

Happy Weekend everyone.