something to adore

You know when holidays come up and there are certain people in your life that you struggle to find 'that special thing' for. Maybe they are really particular, maybe they already have a lot, maybe they just don't like gifts. No matter the circumstance, it likely puts you in a bit of a fit of disarray trying to find the perfect thing that they will love. 

Being the expressive person that I am and having an outlet like the blog to share all the things I find beautiful, means I typically don't fall in to the category of unknown gift giving. Ironically, for all that I adore, it is exceptionally rare that I would grow an attachment to anything. Tangible items don't find their way in to my heart and hence become missed when they are gone. 

Photographs, art, my wedding ring and treasures from our travels are about the extent of where I find importance in the items that adorn my life.  

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