why is pre bedtime with the kids so hard?

5:30-7:30 around our home is kind of a nightmare. In fact, it is full blown witching hour for the babe and most days I am pulling my hair out, attempting to speak in a nice manner but usually repeatedly placing this little lady in time out. My eldest, much better I will say, but this is her time to ask me repeatedly for more food, drinks, you name it.. my name is being called every 30 seconds. 

I would like to say that popping on a show or movie while I prepare dinner or get settled after working all day would do the trick but not so much. The baby is clingy, she wants me to pick her up, my mom guilt sets in and I of course cave because 'it's just easier'

Bath's are my go to. I will never be the mom that bathes her kids in the morning. Mornings are better around here and I like bath time to kill 30 minutes of chaos wherever possible. So, we do this every night!

I have also reverted back to acting as though I have a newborn that will only fall asleep in the car. I take the girls to run an errand or just a drive around the neighbourhood, pick up a tea at a drive through and roll the windows down. If I can get an hour out of this with bath and books, Im in pretty good shape to avoid the madness of these two hours. 

Is anyone else contending with this and how on gods great earth are you dealing?