le lieu perdu

Sitting at my desk, scratching my head, my other hand resting over my lips, I am lost in the deepest of thoughts. Most immediately, I can almost smell the fresh air. I can feel the sunshine and there is a local french radio station playing some form of melodic tune. The kids are running through the grass and a lavender lemonade is within arms reach. I pause, only to realize reality has me right here, writing.

This incredible space transfixed me in to an idyllic state of extended travel to the french countryside. Le Lieu Perdu is a beautiful home available for rent for the romantic at heart, the creative looking for an escape.

Set in white, simple, beautiful, non fussy items adorn the home and the sprawling landscape creates a scene that could seemingly only be found in your dreams. For Julia Leach of Chance, It was just that. I stumbled upon the feature in Lonny and vowed to share it with all of you. A perfect little read heading in to the weekend, wishing you all a great one.