without boundaries, a home that shouts creative freedom

I was in an Über car the other day heading in to downtown for an event. My driver was smart and we had a rather intelligent conversation about the marketing space and the ability to release your own hand cuffs and get in the mind frame of a young child. It makes perfect sense. Children's ideas are often the best because they have yet to experience life's restrictions on how things can and cannot come to be. 

As adults, we become a little jaded in our thinking. Nay saying terms of we tried that already and it failed, political mumble jumble, red tape, it all distorts our ability to create great things.

When I saw this space, I instantly thought about the child like mind that came to be in the process of building such an incredibly unique space. Nothing about it conforms to the expected. There are details in the design I have yet to see in other spaces and the minimalism continues to prove that when architecture is strong, you need not fill the space with much of anything but the things that matter most. 

The light filled home casts this beautiful glow at every angle and brings warmth to a space that has some very hard edges to it. I admire it's beauty and imagine living in the space to be an environment free of chaotic thoughts that would be induced from an otherwise cluttered space.

Designed by mA-Style Architects

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