hübsch 2016

So here we are, January 11th, 2016. I woke up this morning feeling different. Couldn't pin point exactly what it was although I will say that I spent a great deal of time cleaning, organizing and purging yesterday which usually puts a little hop in my step and clarity in my mind. I do know that I felt like I took an extended break over the holidays, having not done much on the blog or an extensive list of projects, it seemed to be necessary and now here I am feeling ready to tackle things with a whole lot of gusto. 

So, what better way to begin some new work than to provide some inspiration for us all. The design of hübsch has been a favourite of mine and their 2016 collection is nothing short of simple, beautiful lines rich in texture and mixed materials. This particular collection was shot in the home of the designers themselves and brought a personal, well thought out execution to their presentation. Aside from a profound desire to purchase large pieces of furniture to small ceramics and accessories, what I loved most about the line was the perfect linkages across all the categories. Muted tones, whites and pastels that all bring a serene scene to any space. Also, highly attainable in their approach to design, everything feels comfortable and purposeful for a home that just needs to truly be lived in. You can see the full collection here.