going naked in 2016

Striping it ALL down...yep, thats the best way I can describe my theme for 2016. It was an interesting holiday. We spent more time than I would have liked at home due to a nasty cold that hit all of us. No doubt the time together was lovely since life is always so busy but it had a way of slowing me down that felt a little limbo-esque. A feeling that brought a whole new meaning to the saying, give work to a busy person and you will be certain it gets done. 

I love purposeful mornings. I like to have a destination, even if it is a desk in another room, an actual office or elsewhere, the routine motivates me and inspires me to create more. The spiral of slowness can unwind in to a sluggish trap and leave you feeling with a lull in your journey. While I started feeling exactly that, I used it as an opportunity to set my intentions for the new year.

Here was what I was able to figure out, or not for that matter. I definitely don't have the perfect plan. I could not write out the dissertation of Meg. I focused on the things that made me happy. The moments in 2015 that gave me the highest amount of joy and accomplishment. It didn't need to be the thing that was the most successful, it just had to be things I felt genuinely proud of. Beyond this, I knew that simplifying was critical. Sure, its exciting when you have a lot of creative endeavours on the go but it can also start to feel you are drudging through a maze. My anxiety got the best of me more often than I would like to admit last year and my ultra perfectionism needs to ease up this year.

I began going through drawers, the fridge, medicine cabinets, you name it. I took everything out that didn't serve a purpose, that had expired or had me scratching my head as to why or how it even entered our home in the first place. I felt a marginal amount of shame seeing all of the little things I had accumulated over the years. For someone who prides themselves on minimalism, clean and streamlined living, I just didn't feel like I had fully accomplished that.

NAKED- it's all I could think of. I wanted to pair back on small projects everywhere and focus on the big ones and do them really well. I wanted 20 pairs of underwear not 50, for heavens sake...oy! I wanted every product sample out of my beauty regime and maintain the best of the best. Makeup, be gone. I never wore eyeshadow so why did I have so many lingering smoky pallets?  Fresh faced with only the necessary beauty items, thats what I want. Home is white and bright and I can feel the transition slowly getting better with more on the horizon to get things just so. 

It became simple, not perfect, not 100% planned, but easy enough to start focusing on goals for a new year that maintains a foundation grounded in pairing back and focusing on the MOST beautiful things.

images via Pinterest