bits about home

Hi Friends! Hope everyone has had a fantastic week. I must say that it has felt like a long one which is often the case when we have short weeks and holidays. I swear its the anticipation ahead that makes time feel like it is standing still. 

We are very eager for a fun easter weekend ahead. We are celebrating with family which will of course include an easter egg hunt in the park, heaps of tasty food and slow mornings. More importantly, we will give much thanks for a beautiful healthy life with our littles.

Things around here are moving along at warp speed as they so often are. I have been doing a lot of evaluating, prioritizing and planning for the near and far future. It feels really good to dedicate time every so often for this. I am taking a couple of steps to really hone in on the areas I want to focus on with business and projects and allow my work to be elevated more than it is today. Having taken on a lot of projects over the last year or so, I can see where I naturally flourish and what needs to quietly go away in a effort to really see the traction I am hoping to make. More to come on this as things start to unfold in the next few weeks.

Next up is planning summer. Vacation and camps are no easy task to get in order so its a big priority for me along with some pretty exciting house stuff. 

Have an amazing long weekend everyone!