is the bubble about to burst?

I have had a fair number of conversations recently with entrepreneurs and creative content generators who all seem to be aligned with my recent observations and more profoundly, feelings about the world that seems to be pushing us further apart vs bringing us closer together. 

Some would argue that I am wrong, that social media, (Instagram in particular) has brought people together, created business' and built a platform to have your voice be heard. While I wont argue that this is true, I will say that I think the bubble is about to burst.  

To say that I have invested an immense amount of time in to the aesthetics, styling and curation of modern camper would be an understatement. It is an 'always on' state of mind and this can riddle you with anxiety and tremendous feelings of 'what next'. Even more challenging is the ability to generate an income that feels remotely justifiable to the man hours that go in to said work.  

Lets go back to the topic of connections since I know many will read this and argue that they have built friendships from these platforms (including me) and that all is not lost in the superficiality of it all. The only thing I may provoke here is, are you connecting at the same level that you would with your other friends? Does it feel the same? Are you vulnerable enough with them to open up in a way that may not paint the picture perfect life that fits in those small squares. Even more so, are your topics of conversation centred around online content, who's who and what or who are you working with lately? 

I have been lucky to develop a relationship with a very select few people that I have met online but no question those relationships are still different than my 'offline' friends. I have also sadly had the superficial connections, the jealousy and some of the negativity that comes from people thinking there just isn't room for everyone which let me shout from the roof top. THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE!! No one owns an idea, how we execute it determines the niche that you will carve out for yourself. 

Aesthetics will always play a role in engagement however, the beautiful makers, moody photos of extravagant pavlova cakes may be on the down swing. I would be curious to see the stats on recipe conversion amongst users from these elaborate Instagram profiles. 

I suspect Influencers are going to have to work HARD in the coming years to create content that doesn't feel like they are trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes or that the content is simply unattainable. Myself included. 

I don't always love the persona that comes with curated content. I do love it's beauty, it's inspiration but if anyone thinks that my house is perfect and I can jump in on every trend- let me tell you right now, I cannot. I do however appreciate the curation side of things. Styling is what people pay me to do so there will be a professionalism that needs to be maintained here. 

The frequency in which I reach for my phone will dwindle, it already has. I want to look at whats in front of me, feel, do and be more and truth be told, I don't ever want curated social media content to define me as a person. period. 

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