change is good

It's always been an interesting dichotomy for me to seek so much comfort in routine and consistency yet feel such an urge for change. I think I let consistency run its course until I am bursting at the seems with an insatiable desire to bring about something new.

About 6 months or so ago, I decided that to really hone in on my work and clearly articulate my services, it meant that a small shift in my brand needed to take place. I so often was getting inquiries about my work but with a little question mark at the end as to whether it was an applicable offering or not. 

What was Modern Camper, has certainly catapulted in to bigger things and that once blog, is a business now unto it's own. With that, Modern Camper slowly went off in to the abyss so that I could create a clear delineation in to my freelance services and not merky the waters between writing and what I was designing for people. 

Today, Meg Cassidy Creative encompasses two primary types of services, styling and creative direction. Interiors, food and lifestyle content are my primary focuses. My aesthetic remains undeniably consistent. Always clean, minimal and never fussy. This translates across all disciplines of my work whether I am styling for a brand in a studio or styling someones home, I never deviate from my principles and passion.

The Creative Direction really comes in to that strategic support that I offer my clients, especially young entrepreneurs looking to define their brand and it's assets. What is the image and curation that we want to portray thats not only going to grab peoples attention but make them come back for more. 

I will continue to write here and share projects that I have on the go, my insatiable love for interiors of course and bits in between that make my heart a flutter. 

I am immensely excited about 2017 and hope to have the opportunity to work with many more amazing clients, making our world more beautiful everyday, one thoughtful piece at a time.

xx, M

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