it feels right + a west london home to adore

You guys! For everyone that popped back in to this space and commented or sent a sweet message about my site, thank you! Putting yourself out there in your creative endeavours can be  intimidating and I noticed who commented and just feel immensely appreciative. 

It feels undeniably good to be putting my hands back on the keyboard, exploring and writing about something I love so much. This space has always been about me, my voice, my career, my work outside of being a mom and I feel so fortunate to have it. 

With that, this gorgeous West London home designed by McLaren.Excell was exactly what I needed to stumble upon to share its glorious clean lines and interesting textures. I prefer cool tones in a space but equally love the marriage of concrete and warm ashy woods. The old Victorian bones of the home peek through in exposed brick walls and winding staircases which is just the right traditionalism paired with a beautifully sparse aesthetic. 

I continue to take note of the lack of items adorning the home and challenge myself to scale back again and again. Imagine the breathing room, its infinite.