the cane chair

I remember growing up, my parents and my grandparents owned these beautiful woven and wicker chairs throughout their respective homes and even at a young age, I had this appreciation for the craftsmanship and detail involved in the making of these beautiful pieces. 

Not new to the design scene but definitely a resurgence I have noticed lately. I love that so many still maintain their original traditional style while others have taken a more modern approach. In either case, the cane chair is such a versatile piece that paired in two's, an entire set at a dining room table or one on it's own, it's classic charm is always evident.

Most notable designer Marcel Breuer, was one of the masters of Modernism and his work lives on through the production of these iconic woven pieces. Other designers and manufacturers have created adaptations and even more so, new takes with a more modern approach. Whether your home has a Ralph Lauren, coastal feel or Scandinavian minimalism, there is a cane chair that will fit perfectly in your space.

I have rounded up a few favorites and where to find them below.  

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